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Guesthouse Nibutani Yanto was born from the desire to guests feel Nibutani’s Ainu culture.
The facility does not have a TV or radio, but there are plenty of places to visit, such as the rich nature, Ainu Museums, hot springs, and restaurants.
Please enjoy your stay in Nibutani slowly.
Living rooms, kitchens, showers, etc. are shared by all guests.
If you are a group, you can rent out the entire building, so please consider and consult.

Dormitory Room for Men and Women ,Capacity 4 people x 3 rooms,


This is a dormitory for men and women.
Bunk bed type with private curtain.
There are storages, and padlocks can be rented for a fee.
Each space has a headlight and 2 outlets.

Breakfast ,self-service with snacks of bread and boiled eggs, is included for reservations 2 days prior to the date of stay.

1 night per person: 3,000 yen
Winter period: 3,500 yen

* Tax is not included.

Private room ,Capacity 4 people x 1 room,


For those who want to share a room with family, couples, and friends.
There is a headlight at the top of each bed.
Comes with a desk and a chair.

Breakfast ,self-service with snacks of bread and boiled eggs, is included for reservations 2 days prior to the date of stay.

One night charter: 12,000 yen
Winter period: 14,000 yen

* Tax is not included.

Shared living room


Shared kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with gas stove, kitchen tools, tableware, refrigerator, microwave and toaster.
Please use it freely.

There are wash basins,

a washing machine and a hair dryer. Use of the washing machine is free of charge. You can also use detergent for free.

Shower room ,by gender,

Fully equipped with shampoo, hair conditioner and body soap.


rent a Bath towel: 180 yen, rent a Face towel: 80 yen
Amenity goods: 180 yen ,toothbrush, razor, earplug, body sponge,
rent a Padlock: 200 yen
We also sell the following snacks, beverages and alcoholic drinks.
Water ,500ml bottle,: 50 yen, Coca cola ,350ml can,: 100 yen, Cup noodles: 220 yen, curry rice ,packed rice and retort pouch,: 280 yen,
Pasta ,100grams dried noodles and vegan compatible pasta sauce,: 500 yen, Sapporo Classic Beer ,350ml can,: 280 yen, Low alcoholic sour ,350ml can,: 180 yen
* All amenities prices include tax.