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Before this island named Hokkaido, our Ainu ancestors who lived here called it Yaunmosir. The Ainu culthre introduced in museums is based on the life of “traditional” Ainu about one hundred and fifty years ago. Even if our ligestyle changes, we are still Ainu and we live as a “modern” Ainu. In this accommodation, while valuing tradition, I would like to create a space that is closest to the Ainu living today.


Nibutani is a village in the northern part of Hidaka, Biratori Town. The most famous in Nibutani is about Ainu culture. Life that has been handed down for more than ten thousand years is thought to have formed the Ainu culture connected to the present around the 15th century. There is also a museum where you can learn about Ainu culture, a campsite full of nature, a Nibutani dam, and a natural hot spring facility.