Rooms & Facilities

please note! We apologize for the inconvenience

· The radio wave of the mobile phone is very bad now in the guest house. (If you go outside, you can communicate with all lines.) We are working to resolve as soon as possible.

docomo circuit improvement (added on 24th April)

au circuit improvement (added on 26th May)

docomo: 4G ok, 3G ok au: 4G ok, 3G ok softbank: 4G ×, 3G ×

· About the Internet. We are applying for opening the optical line, but the construction is delayed. It is said that the construction will be around June. Currently it is compatible with Softbank line pocket wifi, but because of 3G line speed is very slow.

· There is no TV or radio.

To those who drive by!

Search / registration in Navigation is not address but Kayno Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum. Once you register your address you will be guided to the back of the guest house. From the national highway, turn on “Signal”. (Turn right from Sapporo area, turn left from Asahikawa direction.)

Dormitory (capacity 4 people × 3 rooms)

1 night: 3000 yen + tax (winter period: 3500 yen + tax)

Separate room for men. Storage (with padlock available). In each space headlights, outlets 2 mouthpiece.

Private room (capacity 4 people × 1 room)

One night’s charter: 12000 yen + tax (winter period: 14000 yen + tax)

Please use those who want to share with your family or couple, those who are not good at the same room.

It may be used as a dormitory.

Common kitchen


A free breakfast will be added with reservations up to 2 days in advance. It is a self service with bread and boiled egg snacks.

We also sell items such as cup noodles and retort foods that can be eaten by simple cooking and alcohol.
Wash basin, washing machine

There is a hairdryer. Washing machine usage free (detergent free)

Shower room (by gender)

Shampoo, rinse, body soap available

Living (shared space)


Bath towel loan: 160 yen, Face towel lending: 60 yen

Toothbrush: 30 yen, razor: 50 yen, earplugs: 50 yen, body sponge: 30 yen

Padlock lending: 500 yen (Deposit. I will refund the money upon returning the key.)