Abut us/Yanto

Yanto / yanto has the meaning of lodging in Ainu language.

I planned to start a guest house I often used for traveling in Nibutani as well, planned around 2013, and opened on April 15, 2018.

The inn that I aim for is a place to connect travelers, or a traveler and local residents.

Do you want a different environment from your usual life such as climate, culture and meals at your destination? There is a unique environment in Nibutani where there is no other place.

I would definitely like staying in Nibutani and feel Ainu culture.

Guesthouse Nibutani Yanto

Owner Kayano Kimihiro

Phone: (+81)1457-2-2335

Mail: contact(at)nibutani-yanto.com

Location: Hikkaido Saru-gun, Biratori-cho Nibutani 79-3