What is guest house

What is the guest house that I feel explosively increased in various parts of Japan over the last ten years?

It can be said that it is the same as a cheap hotel called overseas as a backpackers or a hostel. Communal kitchen for bunk bed, shared toilet, shared showers. There is no comfort and privacy like the hotel, but anyway the low price of the accommodation is attractive. Besides, there are no rules such as youth hostel gathering all together, no curfew, no drinking ban. I think that it is goodness of the guesthouse that I can make friends with the guests and exchange information with other people who like to travel together. Although it can stay cheaply even in manga cafe and capsule hotel, it is something tasteful alone at a journey ahead.

In Japan, it is a guest house which increased only a lot in urban areas, but it seems that there are few numbers in rural areas, too and the name recognition is still low. But from now on there will be many guest houses in rural areas. Is not it a perfect accommodation for people wanting to travel for a long period of time, keeping costs down and traveling?