What is Ainu

Ainu means “people” in Ainu language.

Ainu people lived in Hokkaido and the surrounding islands about 150 years ago. Currently, there are people who live unchanged in the area where their ancestors lived, there are many people who lived in other areas, regardless of domestic or overseas, in pursuit of their birthplace, escape from discrimination and poverty.

My father’s ancestor came to Tokachi/十勝 from Hidaka/日高, living in the area around Shizunai/静内. The person himself / his child is not clear, but the three brothers leave Shizunai/静内, the youngest brother at the bottom got married and started living in Nibutani/二風谷. That is my ancestor before my 7th generation.

The logo of the guesthouse [backpit of a killer whale in three lines] is a sign indicating the pedigree of the house I am using from his ancestors before that 7th generation.

As in other ethnic groups, there are differences in languages ​​and lifestyles around the area, but there are Ainu people, but I am working to become one person who inherits the Ainu culture in the Saru River/沙流川 Basin.